Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Electrode Materials

Our group investigates the mechanics and its coupling with other physical and chemical processes in electrodes and their interfaces during electrochemical cycling. We aim to understand complex constitutive behaviors and performance degradation mechanisms to improve energy density, power density, and capacity retention of rechargeable batteries.

Current project: The role of heterogeneities in electro-chemo-mechanics of electrodes and interfaces

  • Sponsor – NSF CAREER, CMMI MoMS
  • Team – PI: F. Fan
  • Duration – 60 months

Current project: High energy density battery materials at low temperatures

Mechanics of Architected Materials

Our group investigates the mechanical responses of material architectures to explore the material property space. We aim to understand deformation and failure mechanisms caused by the nonlinearities of geometry and material, as well as the nanoscale size effect.

Current project: Deformation and failures in microstructurally tailored graphene aerogels

  • Sponsor – NSF CMMI MoMS
  • Team – PI: F. Fan; Co-PI: G. Xiong
  • Duration – 36 months