Dr. Fan’s laboratory is located in the Palmer Engineering Building, Room #011 at the University of Nevada, Reno with allocated space of 313 SF. 

Mechanical Testing

Instron ElectroPulsTM Model E1000

  • Dynamic capacity: +/-1000 N
  • Static capacity: +/-710 N
  • Load cell: +/-2 kN

Pneumatic 1 kN Fatigue-Rated Wedge Action Grips

  • Tension and compression, including full reverse-stress dynamic testing
  • Dynamic capacity: +/-1 kN

Figure (click to enlarge): The oil-free ElectroPuls material testing machine is capable of static loading as well as fatigue loading with stress-control, strain-control, and displacement control.


KEYENCE 3D Digital Microscope VHX-5000

  • 500x to 5000x magnification lens
  • 100x to 1000x magnification lens

Figure (click to enlarge): Integrating a loading device with the digital microscope, we accurately captured detailed and in-situ twinning process in a single crystal magnesium.


Markforged Mark Two 3D Printer

  • Capability: printing continuous fiber reinforced plastics

Figure (click to enlarge): We use this carbon fiber 3D printer to create architectures which may have mechanical properties not existing in natural materials.